I rarely drive into San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge, partly because I resent the absurdly high toll and partly because much of my business lies in the East Bay, so I’m inclined to go over the Richmond Bridge, leave my car somewhere in the East Bay, and BART over to San Francisco, thus […]

Memorial Day

The sounds and smells of barbecues filled the air this weekend, people laughing over burgers and ears of corn imported from who knows where. Just another three day weekend, gearing up for summer, white shoes out at last, people preparing for several months of sun (or fog, if you live on the coast of California) […]

To Remember the Dead

The origins of Memorial Day lie in Decoration Day, a Civil War-era tradition that began in the South around 1865. The practice of visiting cemeteries in an organised way on specific dates is common to many cultures; in some, you date your cemetery visits on a calendar based on the death of the loved one, […]