In Which I Voice (A Potentially Unpopular) Dislike for Disability Euphemisms

The language which surrounds disability is tremendously complex. There is, for example, the brisk debate between the person first approach and the different framing which comes up in the social model of disability and the appropriate language to use within each structure[1. Person first=person with disabilities, social model=disabled person.]. But many nondisabled people aren’t even […]

Reclamation: Marginalised Bodies, Self Labeling, and Empowerment

Today, I’d like to delve into an aspect of the discussion about language which I haven’t really talked about before, because I thought it was self evident. Only, as so often occurs when I make an assumption, I was wrong. There seems to be a profound lack of understanding about what reclamatory language is, how […]

Another Reason to Avoid Exclusionary Language

There are a lot of reasons which I think are pretty compelling to avoid the use of exclusionary language, which is to say language which is sexist, ableist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, etc. I think that one obvious reason, of course, especially if you are a social justice activist, is that such language props up problematic […]