Trans is an adjective

I really feel like¬†the title of this post is sufficient to make the point of this post, but since this is an issue that comes up routinely, people clearly need to have a little sit down. So pull up an armchair and let’s talk about how ‘trans’ relates to various parts of speech. And if […]

Teens are changing language and you’re just going to have to deal

Kids these days, getting all over English’s lawn, just like…generations of teens before them. English is a constantly and fascinatingly evolving language, but somehow older generations seem continually surprised by this, even though they themselves participated in pushing English in new directions in their younger years. As a consequence, we get to hear a great […]

The Problem of Idioms

Not too many months ago, I was talking with a relatively new friend, who also happens to be a linguist, about idioms. I happen to be absolutely terrible with idioms. They’re one aspect of English that I’ve never quite mastered, despite speaking and working in English for decades — sometimes I feel like I missed […]