Is $15 enough?

The last few years have been witness to an explosion of grassroots labour organising focused on improving conditions for retail, fast food, and other service workers. This is a huge step in a country where workers in general have to fight for every inch of respect they receive, and where unions are struggling against the […]

Disposable Fashion, Disposable Labour, and Willful Ignorance

Between factory fires and building collapses, Bangladesh has been the scene of some truly horrific workplace disasters over the course of the last year or so. Incidents claiming the lives of hundreds of people have hit international headlines, horrifying members of the general public who are appalled by the working conditions exposed with these incidents. […]

The Glass Whatnow?

Thanks to years of working in circles focused on gender-based employment discrimination and barriers to women’s success in the workplace, I’m very familiar with the glass, or brass in the military world, ceiling. Women have a harder time breaking into leading roles in the workplace than men do, and there are all sorts of excuses […]