Is $15 enough?

The last few years have been witness to an explosion of grassroots labour organising focused on improving conditions for retail, fast food, and other service workers. This is a huge step in a country where workers in general have to fight for every inch of respect they receive, and where unions are struggling against the […]

No job is worthless

I was struck recently by a post at Buzzfeed featuring a collection of readers talking about the dream jobs they’d accidentally stumbled into. It included a fascinating mix of people and professions, but one of the things I noted was that many of these jobs are considered menial, worthless, transitional sorts of jobs by people […]

Don’t work for free

People often turn to me for advice on developing writing careers, especially freelance careers, which honestly makes me a little bit uncomfortable. It’s not because I’m so leery of competition that I don’t want to provide information to people that would help them enter the industry, but rather that the industry is an extremely hard […]

Things mainstream media misses about unions: the cost of picketing

When it comes to covering labour actions, the mainstream media is absolutely terrible, which should come as no surprise — often, the companies that own major newspapers, radio stations, and television companies are actively anti-labour and invested in the prevention of unionisation. Sometimes individual journos who are interested in covering labour fairly have their hands […]

Slaughterhouse Abuse Starts with Worker Abuse

US slaughterhouses have become infamous as havens of animal abuse, exposed by numerous animal welfare organisations brave enough to go undercover (even in the face of ag-gag laws) to document workers kicking, hitting, and beating animals, mocking them, and participating in acts of extreme brutality. Sending animals to their death in a state of terror […]