Pageview Trolling and Mass Media

Media has always been about informing the public, but also about sales. It’s a bit hard to disseminate information if your organisation doesn’t exist, after all, and thus you have a drive to keep circulation, viewer, and listener numbers high; not just because you want to sell to consumers, but also because you want numbers […]

On Working for Free

Periodically, this discussion flares up again, especially in the web-driven model of content production many of us work in today, where, let’s face it, freelancers are typically radically underpaid for their work—when they receive payment at all. Consequently, many of us are stuck cobbling bits and pieces of work together in a frenetic struggle to […]

Those Savages, Over There

Over the course of last December and into this January, media around the world were captivated by the story of a horrific gang rape and beating in Delhi which left the victim dead after struggling for survival in the hospital. The nature of the reporting on this incident was highly sensationalised, and it carried heavy […]