Australia’s Abuse of Migrants

When it comes to Australia, people in the United States seem to take an attitude that largely consists of indifference: most of us don’t understand the basics of Australian politics, government, and culture, we don’t know the geography of the nation at all, we aren’t familiar with its history. What we do know about Australia […]

‘Guest’ Worker Visas are a Recipe for Exploitation

Struggling for manual labour in the war years after decades of restricting immigration and expulsing people, including Central and South Americans, California developed the Bracero programme, which later spread to the rest of the country. The program imported Mexican workers to perform tasks in a variety of industries, not just agriculture, compensating for the significant […]

Laying Some History On You: The Gentleman’s Agreement of 1907

Japanese immigrants to the United States started entering California in larger numbers in the late 1860s, later than their Chinese counterparts, and they tended to come in families, rather than as single men seeking to make money in the goldfields. Once they arrived, many assimilated into white culture, living in mixed neighbourhoods, sending their children […]