What food banks actually need

The height of summer may seem like an odd time to talk about food banks. After all, awareness campaigns about hunger and community needs tend to be particularly prevalent around November, when everyone is exhorted to donate so community families can have a nice Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner. But in fact, it’s not that simple — food […]

In Other News, Big Ag Lies

Local food is hitting the headlines. More and more regions are starting local food initiatives and thinking about food independence and ways to feed people within regional foodsheds, focusing their efforts on community-building and creating sustainable local agriculture that is also ideally affordable as well. Big ag in turn is lashing back, because of course […]

Hungering For Better Policy

With rising economic uncertainty comes rising food insecurity. Almost 15% of US households experienced food insecurity in 2008 and this is a number I think we can sadly predict will rise. Not least because food stamp applications are steadily increasing in the United States. There is not a one to one correspondence between such applications […]