The Ghost Inventory

What happens to a financial recovery when the information you need to recover is kept under wraps? A question with pressing importance in the housing market, where pretty much no one is operating with all the necessary information, which makes it extremely difficult to address issues with housing prices and housing sales. There is a […]

11 Percent

It is difficult to get accurate data on the number of empty housing units in the United States. Recent estimates suggest that approximately 18 million, or almost 11%, of homes in the United States are unoccupied[1. This is a full time statistic and does not include vacation/part time homes that may be vacant some of […]

Your Extra-Moldy Foreclosure Special, Courtesy the Marijuana Industry

The successive waves of foreclosures rippling through the economy are more acute in some markets than others, and some markets have some extra special problems that come along with their foreclosures. Banks are not just taking possession of homes in these regions, they are taking possession of environmental disasters that need to be cleaned up. […]