Don’t exaggerate the flaws of the US health system for political points

The system of health care in the United States is a mess. It’s profit-driven, costly, damaging for patients, and sloppy. It’s why the president made a good faith effort at reforming¬†access,¬†even though the watered down form of access that eventually reached the public didn’t really address the quality of health care from the other side. […]

The Golden Hour

There is a concept in health care known as the golden hour, one very familiar to many people outside the health care community thanks to the fact that it plays a prominent role in film, television, and other media. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t last for a chronological hour, but it refers to that critically important […]

Who’s Afraid of Evidence-Based Medicine?

In all the chaos surging around the conversation in the United States as people grapple with health care reform, there’s one area where people seem to be particularly confused: evidence-based medicine. A practice widely adopted in the rest of the world, evidence-based medicine still seems to be something people in the United States are afraid […]