Women of the fields

Consumers play a vital role in industry reforms in a variety of settings — they’re the ones with the power to push for change, as seen for just one example in the arena of food labeling. It’s consumers who demanded ‘organic’ food and got it. It’s consumers who pressured for a number of other changes […]

‘Why can’t you just deal with it?’ ‘It’s a compliment!’

Women discussing experiences of harassment in public spaces often encounter the rather surprising response that they should just deal with it — surely, it’s not actually that traumatic an experience, and instead of complaining, they should just recalibrate their expectations for public environments. Better yet is the not infrequent claim that ‘it’s a compliment!’ so […]

Bystanders and Heroes

It seems like weekly, a new story is crossing my stream somewhere about a woman who ‘bravely’ detained a weenie-waver on public transit long enough for security to arrive. Maybe she started yelling at him on the bus or train first, shaming him in public; perhaps she snapped a photo of him and published it; […]

Giving Voice

One thing that women get taught over and over is that assault and harassment is their fault, and if they want to get proactive about it, they need to fight back. How many of my readers have taken a self defense course aimed at women that included a section where they were supposed to shout […]