Eating Invasive Species to Save the Environment

There’s a new(ish) trend in environmental circles which is sort of a best of all worlds blend of policy, incentive, and community involvement. Struggling with growing numbers of invasive species in many regions, whether they’re introduced for a particular reason or accidentally added to the environment, environmentalists recommend a new tactic: eat them. This is, […]

Who Needs Trees When You Can Have Grapes? Timber to Vineyard Conversions

Northern California’s wine industry is growing, as California wineries stretch up from Napa, through Sonoma, and into Mendocino and other Northern California counties. Wine is big business, and every time I go to the City, it seems like I see a new vineyard underway. Other forms of commercial agriculture here are not terribly viable, a […]

Habitat and Hard Choices

As urban and suburban areas fling their tentacles out further and further, habitat needs for wildlife become increasingly pressing. Some species adapt well to the change; deer and raccoons, for example, are quite happy wandering through residential neighbourhoods and appreciate the ample food supplies available for their delectation. Other species are more fragile, more sensitive […]