Glee: Special Education

This week on Glee, er, it appears that the writers of the show are getting almost as frustrated and bored with it as the viewers. As the show has become ever more incoherent and sloppy, it’s also turned in a parade of sped-up episodes, as though the writers, instead of testing a single strand of […]

Glee: Furt

Fair warning: Satah’s review last week was much funnier than any of mine will ever be, and quite frankly, I don’t have a long review in me this week. I’m honestly not sure I’ll make it through the season, at this point, because the combination of just sheer badness and infuriating storylines is a little […]

Guest Post From Satah: Glee: The Substitute

This is a guest post from satah. satah, more commonly known as emily swashbuckle, is a canadian cardigan aficionado. her life goals include “be sherlock holmes” and “reference harry potter until people start to visibly cringe at the words ‘well, as dumbledore said in goblet of fire…’”. she tumbls vociferously at eating dictionaries and never […]

Glee: Where to Begin, Where to Begin

On this week’s Glee, come to Jesus moments abounded with a healthy side of magical coma cures, ridiculous characterisations of atheism, and I don’t even know what else. This episode, people? It was straight up bad. I’m not talking about ‘bad’ in the sense of ‘on a social justice level, this episode was significantly lacking […]

Glee: Same Dog, Same Tricks

So, yes, I did watch the Glee season premiere, and I even took a whole page of notes, and I’m having a hard time getting back into the saddle of writing about Glee again. Consequently, I’m keeping this post a little short and scattered. Hopefully I’ll be back in full fettle next week. Be advised […]

Glee and the Great Dichotomy

So. Let’s talk about Glee now that we’ve had a bit of breathing room without new episodes being crammed down our throats every week. The argument that I most commonly see used to ‘explain’ the show to people like me who don’t like it, or people who like it but don’t like the depictions, is […]

Glee: Journey

At long last, the Glee finale has arrived, which is probably a good thing, because I suspect that one more episode of this show would have done me in. As it is, I have several months in which to relish a Glee-free existence. Seriously, my party hat is going to be in full gear later. […]