If NPR can respect pronouns, so can the rest of the media, and you

Alex Gino is a fat genderqueer glitter liberationist who attracted considerable media attention earlier this year with the release of their chapter book George, about a transgender fourth grader. The book joins the growing canon of books expanding trans representation in media and pop culture, but it also hits a critical age range, as children’s books with trans […]

Beyond the Binary: Sandwiches on Parade

Maureen Johnson recently queried her Twitter followers about where all the genderqueer authors were, as part of her larger coverflip challenge, which provoked an important discussion about gendering among book covers. I was tempted to respond: ‘right in front of you.’ Because that’s where genderqueer and other nonbinary and nongendered authors, writers, and creators are. […]

Beyond the Binary: How Shall I Describe My Body?

My body. It’s short (by the standards of people in the United States), it is fat with interesting folds and rolls, it is covered in skin which is light in colour and splotched with freckles and which occasionally turns red or darkens from Wonderbread to, perhaps, very pale rye. It’s got two arms, two legs, […]