Why I Don’t Gender People

One thing that fascinates me about WisCon is a key difference between moderators that might seem subtle to someone who isn’t paying attention. During Q&As or audience commentaries, they handle picking people in two very different ways. Let’s say, theoretically, that a person with a red dress stands up or raises a hand to ask a […]

Beyond the Binary: Sandwiches on Parade

Maureen Johnson recently queried her Twitter followers about where all the genderqueer authors were, as part of her larger coverflip challenge, which provoked an important discussion about gendering among book covers. I was tempted to respond: ‘right in front of you.’ Because that’s where genderqueer and other nonbinary and nongendered authors, writers, and creators are. […]

A Trip to Woman City

A conversation my friend kaz’s journal recently struck me as a particularly great way of illustrating not just the diversity and complexity of gender, but also the way some nonbinary people navigate their genders. Progressive organizations using illustrations to convey gender diversity classically illustrate gender as a spectral line—here’s male on one end, and female […]

Thursday Night Family Circle

This evening’s photographs come from a 1946 issue of Family Circle, which is, incidentally, rather mildewy, as I discovered to my chagrin when I pulled it out to photograph. Fortunately, you don’t have to be exposed to the mildew to enjoy the awesome. You can hover over the images to read descriptions and transcriptions of […]