Fresh Food and Accessibility

The drum of ‘people should eat more fresh food’ is being beaten with increasing urgency these days, and there’s a slow, growing awareness that the obstacles to people eating fresh food might not be so simple as people being lazy and not wanting to eat vegetables. Talk of food deserts has begun to spring from […]

Fair Treatment For Farmworkers: A Non-Negotiable Aspect of Ethical Food

Chipotle is a rapidly growing chain that’s trying to distinguish itself from the competition by showcasing itself as a model of ethical food production. It’s championing small farmers, seeking humanely-raised animal products, and providing vegan and vegetarian meals to customers. In this business climate, it’s a very smart move to be making, as greenwashing is […]

In Other News, Big Ag Lies

Local food is hitting the headlines. More and more regions are starting local food initiatives and thinking about food independence and ways to feed people within regional foodsheds, focusing their efforts on community-building and creating sustainable local agriculture that is also ideally affordable as well. Big ag in turn is lashing back, because of course […]