It’s okay to like pop culture with dubious social elements

I really enjoy Game of Thrones.  Game of Thrones is filled with racism, misogyny, disablism, and hugely dubious social themes. It’s not progressive television by any stretch of the imagination, and I absolutely own that. My enjoyment of it doesn’t magically erase these issues just because I’m a critical viewer and thinker. Neither am I going to […]

Remembering Anna May Wong

The United States is obsessed with its film and television stars, and has been since the early days of Hollywood, when black and white silent films rolled out of Southern California and across the nation to captivate audiences. While many countries have film industries, and every nation’s residents have a deep connection with their film […]

Why I’m Nervous About A Film Adaptation of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

Almost immediately after The Fault in Our Stars was released to critical acclaim and much excitement, Fox optioned it. Now, optioning doesn’t necessarily mean a feature film will be made; numerous studios hold film options on books they have no realistic expectations of producing. Whether acquiring the movie rights will actually translate into making a […]