Healthism and Food

One of the most commonly expressed forms of healthism comes up at the table, where people feel absolutely free to comment on what other people are eating, with additional suggestions on what they should or should not be eating. Whether it’s legislators attempting to pass soda bans or people at dinner who feel like it’s […]

Fat Hatred Kills: Marketing Weight Loss Surgery to Children Has Got to Stop

As if it wasn’t enough to attack adults with a mythical obesity crisis, children are being viewed as targets as well. Concerntrolling over ‘rising childhood obesity rates’ is everywhere and it’s paired with damaging, hateful, awful rhetoric. As many adult fat folks note, such programmes basically legitimise bullying of fat children; ‘I’m so glad,’ a […]

Dying to Be Thin

The merits of dieting are, we are coming to understand, significantly overrated. Studies indicate that caloric controls are unlikely to result in permanent weight loss, that the body has a set point which it will cling to unless you are willing to go to substantial lengths to force it. Those lengths may include permanent calorie […]