Yes, Doctor, I Know I’m Fat

After battling righteously with Covered California, I’m covered by Kaiser, and in January, I made my first official visit as an insured patient to meet my preferred provider (whom I had to pick from a website, making me feel like I had stumbled into alternate reality online dating) and to start being slowly ingested into […]

On Fat Suits and Empathy

Simulations appear to be one of society’s ways of trying to generate sympathy and compassion among more privileged members of communities vis a vis their relationship with more marginalised groups. Thus you have the ‘blue eyes, brown eyes’ simulation used in civil rights education, disability simulations involving wearing clunky gloves or strange glasses, and exercises in wearing […]

Healthism and Food

One of the most commonly expressed forms of healthism comes up at the table, where people feel absolutely free to comment on what other people are eating, with additional suggestions on what they should or should not be eating. Whether it’s legislators attempting to pass soda bans or people at dinner who feel like it’s […]