Has it occurred to you that fat people have taste?

I’m in love with fatshion (fat fashion). Members of the fatshion community are mostly women, and they wear truly amazing outfits, impeccably accessorized, that emphasise their glorious bodies and gorgeous looks. Fatsion isn’t about minimising or hiding anything, about making bodies look more normative and non-threatening, but about finding and celebrating style. I follow a […]

Fat shaming works just fine

A study published last year in the journal Obesity found that fat shaming is not at all effective in terms of getting people to lose weight. In fact, the researchers found that some study subjects actually gained weight after experiencing perceived weight discrimination, and that the risk of becoming clinically obese increased for those who had been […]

A Big Fat Salary Disparity

Last year, the National Women’s Law Center made a video about the wage gap that was soundly criticised. In the short video, comedian Sarah Silverman hit the doctor’s office for a ‘sex change,’ deciding that turning herself into a dude would give her access to better pay. Aside from the obvious transphobic aspect (and inaccuracy […]

I Know I’m Fat, Thanks

Many of us have distorted images of ourselves. Even if we look at the mirror, full-on or in passing, we still don’t necessarily connect with our own bodies, or create a sense of bodily awareness, a knowledge of who we are that’s rooted in actuality. For years, as my body has shifted, I’ve struggled with […]

Yes, Doctor, I Know I’m Fat

After battling righteously with Covered California, I’m covered by Kaiser, and in January, I made my first official visit as an insured patient to meet my preferred provider (whom I had to pick from a website, making me feel like I had stumbled into alternate reality online dating) and to start being slowly ingested into […]

On Fat Suits and Empathy

Simulations appear to be one of society’s ways of trying to generate sympathy and compassion among more privileged members of communities vis a vis their relationship with more marginalised groups. Thus you have the ‘blue eyes, brown eyes’ simulation used in civil rights education, disability simulations involving wearing clunky gloves or strange glasses, and exercises in wearing […]