Women of the fields

Consumers play a vital role in industry reforms in a variety of settings — they’re the ones with the power to push for change, as seen for just one example in the arena of food labeling. It’s consumers who demanded ‘organic’ food and got it. It’s consumers who pressured for a number of other changes […]

So much for committing to fewer antibiotics on farms

In recent years, humans have faced an explosion of antibiotic-resistant disease and some really excellent investigative journalism exploring the causes, including not just the overuse of antibiotics in medical treatment, but also their applications in farming, where they’re used to treat and prevent infection and as growth promoters. This has created problems ranging from chicken […]

When Economic and Environmental Conservation Meet

Sometimes a rare synergy occurs and making the right environmental choices also happens to result in making the right economic choices. For those who want to promote a capitalism-driven method of environmental conservation, these instances of dovetailing interests and actions are incredibly useful arguments to be able to bring out when confronted with claims that […]

When Big Ag Claims to Be Helping ‘Small Farms’

When big corporations, especially groups and trade associations of big corporations, appear to be lobbying for small businesses, I always get deeply suspicious. I see no particular reason why these firms should support smaller rivals in the industry, even if they are small and unlikely to ever threaten the larger company’s market share, because this […]