Book review: The Trilogy of Two, by Juman Malouf

Disclosure: This review is based upon a copy of the book provided by the publisher. No other consideration was offered. Juman Malouf’s The Trilogy of Two is a refreshingly comforting middle grade book — it’s fantastical, it’s creative, but it’s also very sweet and to a certain extent sort of delightfully innocent, completely with absolutely delightful illustrations. […]

Book Review: Jackaby, by William Ritter

Billed as Sherlock meets Doctor Who, Jackaby is the story of a paranormal investigator in 19th century New England and his intrepid female companion — but it blends some of the best elements of both series, while dropping some of the worst. Lose Sherlock’s arrogance and misogyny, cut out Who’s appalling treatment of female characters, but bring in both shows’ sense […]