In the garden: Fall

Fall is upon us, bringing me one step closer to my favourite season! Though we’ve had thrillingly dire predictions of rain, rain, rain this winter, we’re in that tiny window of bizarrely summery¬†weather, blood moon and all, that strikes every autumn. It’s as though the weather didn’t bother to check the calendar or consult with […]

Seasons have changed again

There is a thing people say that never fails to infuriate me: ‘Oh, California, they don’t have seasons there.’ It seems to have become a running joke with people around me, who greatly enjoy trying to wind me up and trigger the seasons rant, and I must admit that it’s become old, tiresome, and irritating, […]


When I was a child, I was fascinated by globes — my fascination lingers, although I no longer experience a compulsion to reach out and touch every single one I pass. I loved the globes in stands that could be tilted around in all different sorts of directions, although I was continually hung up on […]


Fall is the summeriest time of the year. The days are warm and languid, the nights so hot that often you need to sleep under a sheet and nothing else unless you want to wake up roasting and dripping with sweat. It used to be our little secret; the tourists would dissipate and we could […]