We urgently need national discrimination protections for trans people

Every other week, I’m reading a story about a trans employee who was fired, usually after transitioning at work. Almost all of these cases involve trans women, and many involve trans women of colour. Workplaces across the US routinely dismiss transgender employees on the grounds that they’re transgender, and therefore no longer competent at the […]

The Erosion of Worker Benefits

My father and I were talking the other day about the immense gains the labour movement made in the 20th century; not just at the start of the century when they fought child labour, exploitative working conditions, long hours, dangerous facilities, and other abuses, but also the introduction of benefits like pensions, health insurance, paid […]

Promises, Promises: Job Training, Higher Education, and Government Funding

With the rise of the housing market came a corresponding increase in trades to support it. Real estate agents, landscapers, painters, carpenters, stagers, interior designers…all of these trades exploded, some meteorically, because there was such a demand for them. Students with an interest in them were encouraged to pursue education and training. Assured that they […]