Burdensome Testing Keeps Disabled Students from Accessing Education

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the responsibilities of schools are quite clear: They need to identify disabled students, determine their needs, and accommodate them. Yet, schools are failing on all three of these fronts, pretty spectacularly, especially in higher education, and the results are actively harming disabled people who are simply trying to […]

The Rights of Disabled Students

I’ve been spotting a number of stories lately about the abuse of disabled children in the classroom, including not just the usual infuriating coverage of the use of restraint and reclusion in US schools, but blood-curdling tales about teachers rampantly ignoring IEPs, force-feeding children hot sauce, sending kids to the ER for ‘acting up,’ slapping […]

Environmental Racism at Work: Building Schools on Brownfields

Activists and advocates concerned with race and environmental justice issues have developed the term “environmental racism” to describe the specific and pernicious social phenomenon of placing communities of colour in danger from pollution. Studies illustrate a strong colocational relationship between low-income communities of colour and polluting industries, developments on polluted land, dumps, and other facilities […]

How Accessible IS Higher Education?

All told, student loans, including a mix of loans from private and federal sources, exceed one billion dollars. Students under thirty represent the largest group of borrowers, accounting for over one third of the 37 million people with outstanding student loans. Perhaps not a major surprise since people under thirty are most likely to be […]