Feminism and Joss Whedon: Men, Women, and Dollhouse

Before I plunge into this post, I would like to alert readers to the fact that I am going to be using generalizations. Generalizations are very useful for discussing broad social trends, which I am doing here, but they are not so useful at discussions about individuals. This means that for every use of a […]

More on Rape and Dollhouse

This thought occurred to me, and I’m curious to see what other people think, because I’m struggling to understand where people draw the line on Dollhouse and rape. Alas, my influx of Whedonesque viewers has largely vanished, but hopefully enough of y’all watch Dollhouse that we can get a conversation going without them. I’ve got […]

Feminism and Joss Whedon: Welcome to the Dollhouse

(Hello there, Whedonesque viewers! I want to note that this post is part of an extended series (which includes other discussions of feminism and Dollhouse including posts which specifically address questions/comments which appear in the comments thread here); a complete archive of posts in the Feminism and Joss Whedon series can be found here. As […]

Feminism and Joss Whedon: Misogynist Villains in the Whedonverse

(The earlier entries in this series are “Is Joss Whedon a Feminist? The Women of Firefly/Serenity,” “Is Joss Whedon a Feminist? Buffy and Female Empowerment,” and “Joss Whedon and Feminism: The Demon Women and Slayers of Buffy.” They are not required reading, although please note that these posts are very, very, very long, so you […]