Makin’ Me Crazy: The Madness of Drusilla, Sierra, and River

Joss Whedon’s frequent return to themes about mental illness is one I’ve remarked on, as has my colleague Anna. His explorations of mental illness have not always been terribly nuanced or complex, and it’s notable that he keeps coming back to some core themes. Charitable readings might suggest that he’s exploring social justice issues and […]

Whedon’s Brunettes

Can we discuss, for a moment, Joss Whedon’s obsession with disturbed brunettes who wander around barefoot? I’m not actually asking for permission here, that’s a rhetorical question which is designed to establish the theme of this post, which is, as you may have guessed, Whedon’s obsession with disturbed brunettes who wander around barefoot. It really […]

Why I’m Not Writing About Dollhouse

Gee willickers, four whole Dollhouse episodes have aired and I haven’t reviewed them! Why could this possibly be? Maybe I’m busy and I haven’t watched them yet. Perhaps I’m working on another mammoth post. Maybe I’m still processing them. Nope. I’m not writing about Dollhouse because it’s boring me. I wasn’t really enamoured with the […]

Feminism and Joss Whedon: Time To Talk About the Boys

Welcome to the next post in the Feminism and Joss Whedon series! Since there have been some problems with this before: this is a series about viewing Joss Whedon through a feminist lens. You do not need to be a feminist to comment on posts in this series, but you do need to have a […]