Glee and the Great Dichotomy

So. Let’s talk about Glee now that we’ve had a bit of breathing room without new episodes being crammed down our throats every week. The argument that I most commonly see used to ‘explain’ the show to people like me who don’t like it, or people who like it but don’t like the depictions, is […]

Glee: Laryngitis

So, let’s just get it over with. This episode of Glee has gotten a lot of attention because it featured Zack Weinstein in a guest role. ‘See,’ people said, ‘now the people with disabilities can stop whining, because Glee used a disabled actor to play a disabled character!’ Only, see, that’s one facet of the […]

Some Important Distinctions

On 7 February, HBO aired a biopic about Temple Grandin. Temple Grandin, for those not in the know, is a prominent woman with autism who has been directly involved in improving American slaughter practices. She credits her connection with animals to her neuroatypicality[1. And no I don’t really want to get into the “how can […]