In Defence of the Urban Car

Periodically, another round of debate over urban cars flares up, with people hotly insisting that no one who lives in a city needs a car. These people are usually urban dwellers, of course, and they’re typically nondisabled with very specific kinds of lifestyles, yet they’re convinced, in their anti-car evangelist fervour, that everyone leads the […]

Cancer and Heroism

In examining troubling narratives surrounding breast cancer, one thing I often think about is the framing of breast cancer patients as ‘heroes,’ as though you get a cape and mask with your diagnosis. That attitude is reinforced in the language people use about going through cancer treatment; patients are ‘battling’ or ‘fighting’ cancer, and they […]

Book Review: Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, by Chris Crutcher

I’ve been reading a lot more young adult fiction lately, something which I will probably write about more at length in the relatively near future. It seems to go in cycles for me; sometimes I read a lot of adult fiction, sometimes I read a lot of YA, sometimes I’m very focused on nonfiction. Right […]