Cooperatively fighting debt

Friend and colleague Somer Sherwood recently shared an interesting article that I’ve been mulling over ever since — it is, on its face, a straightforward tale of economic and financial planning. But it’s also more than that. It’s about family, and the collective bonds of people (related or otherwise) willing to work together to support […]

The GM Debt Cycle

Genetically modified crops will save the world, we’re often told. They provide improved nutrition, better resistance to pests, and the ability to spray indiscriminately to keep back weeds, fungal infections, and insects because they’ve been bred to resist the chemicals involved. They’ve been heavily marketed by the West to the Global South, with a pushy insistence […]

Creating a Debt Culture

Sarah Jaffe recently reported that consumer debt exploded in June, rising to alarmingly high levels. For all that we are allegedly in an economic crisis where credit is hard to access, consumer credit is mounting at increasingly speed, and that is a very bad sign. This is not the sign of profligate borrowing to support […]