Can We Stop Pretending Conservatives Are Stupid Yet?

I don’t want to say that some of my best friends are conservatives, but, really, some of my best friends are conservatives. I see no harm in admitting that; they’re all great people, they are all extremely sharp and thoughtful, they offer great political analysis, and they’re fascinating, delightful, wonderful friends. I’m honoured to number them among […]

Snipping the Safety Net with Welfare Drug Test Legislation

Multiple states last year proposed welfare drug testing laws requiring recipients of benefits to successfully pass drug tests to stay on welfare and other social assistance programmes. The courts disagreed with this brilliant scheme, arguing that the laws were unconstitutional, but they’re at it again this year, with a rising tide of legislative hijinks involving […]

Women In Politics: Gender Doesn’t Determine Political Party

There’s an assumption a lot of people of liberal persuasion tend to make about women who are politically involved: That, by very nature of their gender, they should be liberal. Because clearly, liberal-leaning politics provide more opportunities for women (including treating them like human beings instead of incubators), and women should just be naturally progressive […]

Evangelism, Politics, and Balance

The war on women in the United States finally seems to be attracting mainstream attention, after years of warnings about the mounting intensity of attacks on women, and what they meant. Growing attempts to restrict access to reproductive health services, to reverse gains made in women’s rights, to force women into a subjugated position, are […]