How one lion reveals our race problems

The death of Cecil the lion in what may have been a poaching in Zimbabwe was still filling headlines worldwide Thursday — and spurring Internet vigilantes everywhere, who are descending upon the life of Dr. Walter Palmer, his killer, in droves. On July 1, Palmer shot the lion in circumstances that suggest he and his guides […]

‘The people are so beautiful!’: Colonial Tourism and Noble Savages

Socialising as I do with many people who have had opportunities to travel, conversations about different corners of the world come up frequently, and those conversations often make me deeply uncomfortable. One such example is the ‘the people are so beautiful!’ conversation, in which the residents of a given nation are described as gentle and […]

Those Savages, Over There

Over the course of last December and into this January, media around the world were captivated by the story of a horrific gang rape and beating in Delhi which left the victim dead after struggling for survival in the hospital. The nature of the reporting on this incident was highly sensationalised, and it carried heavy […]

Faces of New Colonialism: Conservation Refugees

The last thirty years have been marked by a worldwide increase in awareness of environmental issues and the critical need for conservation. This includes conservation of resources critically needed by human societies, as well as natural wonders that should be preserved for their inherent beauty and contribution to biodiversity. One result of this has been […]