Is $15 enough?

The last few years have been witness to an explosion of grassroots labour organising focused on improving conditions for retail, fast food, and other service workers. This is a huge step in a country where workers in general have to fight for every inch of respect they receive, and where unions are struggling against the […]

Privatising our cities

There was a time, not too far in the past, when city services were provided by, well, cities. If you were connected to water and sewer systems, they were maintained by the city and you paid the city. If you rode the bus, tram, trolley, or ferry, it was the city who punched your ticket. Garbage […]

Tech is Eating the Bay

At around the time that Apple Computer was becoming a business, my father was living in the Castro, a community with a motley assortment of individuals; it was relatively inexpensive, which drew many families, including a large Latino presence. In addition to an assortment of financially-strapped families, the Castro was also of course famously home […]