Fat Hatred Kills: Marketing Weight Loss Surgery to Children Has Got to Stop

As if it wasn’t enough to attack adults with a mythical obesity crisis, children are being viewed as targets as well. Concerntrolling over ‘rising childhood obesity rates’ is everywhere and it’s paired with damaging, hateful, awful rhetoric. As many adult fat folks note, such programmes basically legitimise bullying of fat children; ‘I’m so glad,’ a […]

Overmedicating Wards of the State

A number of articles in recent months have discussed the extremely high use of psychiatric medications among foster children. Many of these medications are very harsh antipsychotics with a laundry list of severe side effects like liver and kidney damage as well as extrapyramidal symptoms like tremors. These medications are serious business and there should […]

Television’s Kid Problem

I was talking with a friend about Bones the other day and the topic of Michelle came up. And my friend said ‘Michelle who?’ And I said ‘you know. Michelle?’ And my friend said ‘no…’ And I said ‘Cam’s daughter?’ After a bit of talking around it we managed to get it straightened out and […]