We must take action on the trafficking of refugee children

In January, Europol announced that some 10,000 refugee children were unaccounted for over the last 18-24 months, reflecting the realisation of one of the most persistent fears surrounding unaccompanied minors and their risk for human trafficking, but also highlighting one of the most vexatious aspects of Europe’s handling of the refugee crisis. With a million […]

Are we suffocating our children?

This year has been one marked by a number of bizarre cases of parents being penalised, cited, and socially shamed for doing something that would have been second-nature for the parents of my generation, and even those a few years younger than us: Allowing their children out on their own. The ‘when I was kid…’ […]

On suppressing gender fluidity in children

Gender and expressions of gender are complex things. Some seem eager to dismiss gender as a social construct, undermining the very real and sometimes painful experiences of people who experience gender conflict and struggle with their gender expression. Others reduce gender to essentialist narratives about how people are what they were born with, and that’s […]

The Things We Learn: Quiet

Stand in a party with a group of people, and notice something. The women are quieter, and smaller, than the men. Not unilaterally, but it’s a very clear trend. Women lower their voices, shrink down to take up less space, turn their bodies in nonconfrontational ways. Men are loud, facing conversations head-on, gesticulating. Is this […]