Churches aren’t the only organisations providing direct services

A few months ago, I commented critically on a church that was withdrawing some of its outreach services to the homeless community in opposition to a mandate requiring such services to be provided to all customers regardless of intoxication status. The state government initiated the mandate as part of a ‘Housing First’ approach, a programme proven […]

Internet, We Need to Talk About Inappropriate Uses of Social Media for Charity

‘For every RT, we’ll donate $10 to [cause]!’ ‘Like us on Facebook and we’ll donate to [cause]!’ ‘Help us reach 5,000 followers on [Pinterest/Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr] and we’ll donate to a user-selected charity!’ I’m seeing these statements popping up more and more these days, and they are giving me a case of the chills followed by irritation […]

Returning to the Charity-Based Model

When we think about social services, where do they come from? Many people seem to believe they originate with the government, and many of them are also very invested in the idea that the government is overspending on social services; that it should commit less to reducing poverty, addressing illness and disability, and creating a […]