In Defence of the Urban Car

Periodically, another round of debate over urban cars flares up, with people hotly insisting that no one who lives in a city needs a car. These people are usually urban dwellers, of course, and they’re typically nondisabled with very specific kinds of lifestyles, yet they’re convinced, in their anti-car evangelist fervour, that everyone leads the […]

The Volvo

For some reason, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Volvo. My father acquired the Volvo when we moved back to the United States from Greece. If I recall correctly, he bought it at Litton Springs for $100, for use as a beater car which would fall apart in a few years and eventually […]

Thursday Night Life: America’s Love Affair With the Car

Tonight, some photographs from the glory days of automobile ownership! We’ve got cars, advertisements for oil, paeans to spark plugs, and even…ads for gas station bathrooms! I regret to say that I haven’t transcribed the text from these ads yet, so you can click over to embiggen but there’s no transcription of the text up. […]

Car Envy

While walking downtown to check the mail the other day, I noticed some awesome vintage cars. Blabberon chronicles shopping carts…I apparently am destined to track the population of beautiful old cars. I’ve noticed that there are often one or two in the Skunk Train parking lot, especially on the weekends, and I suspect that the […]