Critiquing candidates

The 2016 election promises to be, as the kids say, bananas. The huge and terrifying Republican field is filled with an assortment of candidates who each bring their own unique brand of ‘terrible for the country’ to the fray, from Donald Trump’s bombastic hatred of immigrants to Scott Walker’s insistence on running Wisconsin into the […]

Why No, Progressives Are Not Automatically Required To Love Women Candidates

The 2008 election became the scene of some fascinating positioning and rhetoric as both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin occupied key roles in the campaign process. Clinton’s bid for a Presidential nomination ultimately failed, while Palin was cynically selected as a Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican party. These two women have political views at […]

Political Campaigns and Things to Watch For

The 2008 election in the United States was pretty groundbreaking, and not just because it ended with the election of the country’s first Black President. It wasn’t just the first election where people of colour were serious Presidential candidates, it was also an election where multiple women were considered viable contenders. Hillary Clinton may not […]