Is Autism Speaks a hate group?

Autism Speaks is the bane of autism self-advocates the world over. The pernicious and seemingly inescapable organisation has only been around since 2005, but it’s managed to penetrate society quite thoroughly, establishing itself as the authority on autism and perpetuating hateful stereotypes and attitudes about autism and autistics. Which leads me to think that it […]

At Last, A Cure for Autism!

One of the most exciting scientific studies this year is out of the esteemed journal Reddit, where researchers found that organic food causes autism. Their data are very convincing, though like all scientists, they’re still hesitant to confirm that organic food is the sole cause; in comments from peers, issues like correlations with an aging […]

Private Practice: What In the !@$#)(!?

I’m always talking up Private Practice as a great show that tends to cover issues pretty well; I’m particularly fond of the fact that, for example, the wheelchair user on the show is a full time wheelchair user in real life, and in an episode in a prior season involving an intersex child, Addison refused […]