Bully Politics

In May, information about Mitt Romney’s schooldays surfaced, indicating that he had a history of bullying as a youth. This sparked a great deal of discussion about Romney’s actions and his fitness for the Presidency, as well as speculation about whether he’d reformed. Some people even questioned whether he had really been a bully, despite […]

Perfect Victims, Perfect Narratives

People involved in any sort of service, community, or activism work that involves interaction with the court system are well aware of the need for ‘perfect victims,’ people who can serve as adequate test cases in the legal environment because their narratives are flawless and beyond reproach. An attorney working with victims of domestic violence, […]

Giving Voice

One thing that women get taught over and over is that assault and harassment is their fault, and if they want to get proactive about it, they need to fight back. How many of my readers have taken a self defense course aimed at women that included a section where they were supposed to shout […]