Liveblogging Tonight’s Foreign Policy Debate with Anna Hamilton and Everett Maroon

Join us tonight for the final Presidential Debate, focused on foreign policy questions. I’ll be liveblogging with Everett Maroon and Anna Hamilton, and we’d love to hear from you too, gentle readers! Given the skills both candidates demonstrate when it comes to evading questions, tonight’s debate could prove to be a highly entertaining feat of […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Female Candidates: She’s Crazy!

Courtesy of the tea party, we some real humdingers of female candidates lining themselves up for the 2012 election, with Michele Bachmann as the current leader of the field, it appears. These women are a subject of much discussion, and rightly so. They’re being presented as viable candidates, they are campaigning, they are taking part […]

Political Campaigns and Things to Watch For

The 2008 election in the United States was pretty groundbreaking, and not just because it ended with the election of the country’s first Black President. It wasn’t just the first election where people of colour were serious Presidential candidates, it was also an election where multiple women were considered viable contenders. Hillary Clinton may not […]