The Book Project (2008)

The Book Project was an ambitious and perhaps partly deeply unwise project which I undertook in 2008. It was spurred by a conversation I had with a friend in late 2007, in which my friend asked me how many books I read every week, and I couldn’t come up with a solid answer. So I thought it would be interesting to look at my reading habits for an entire year, coming up with statistics along the way.

Starting on 1 January, I wrote about every single book I read in 2008, without any exceptions. This means that when I read a trashy novel because I was sick, people heard about it. When I plowed through an incredibly dense tome on food politics, readers heard about that too.

A project of this scope would not have been any fun without reader participation, so I welcomed suggestions of books to read, and I hoped that people would engage in the comments to talk about the books I read. I also agreed to read any books which were sent to me in 2008. This may have been unwise and even foolhardy, but I took that risk anyway. I was also happy to read and return books, for readers who wanted to lend me an out of print or hard to find book.

The complete archive of entries in the Book Project is here. You can check out a complete list of recommendations and mailed books here, if you’re interested.

Although the Book Project is no longer happening, I do periodically review books I enjoy. Every book I read won’t be discussed here, but the good ones often will be. I also continue to welcome book recommendations from readers.