Resources If You’re In Trouble

I often get requests from readers for help, and I regret that I can’t answer them all, although I do try to forward resources that will be helpful. If you need help to address domestic violence, sexual assault, suicidal ideation, or another situation, here’s a starter list of organizations that can provide counseling, support, and referrals. Recommendations for additions appreciated, as are updated links.

Disclaimer: I haven’t personally used all of these organisations. If you are in danger, please be aware that your phone/internet usage may be monitored.



If you need to talk to someone after an abortion, exhale provides nonjudgemental support and referrals. Call 866.4.exhale.

National Network of Abortion Funds

If you need abortion services and cannot afford them, use their search tool to locate local resources.

Child Abuse:

Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline

If you or a child you know is experiencing abuse, you can call 800.4.A.Child


Disability Rights California

This, along with other state disability rights groups (search for “disability rights [state]’ to find their sites) assists disabled people with discrimination, abuse, and other issues. They can also provide referrals to support services.

Domestic Violence:

Ahimsa House

Ahimsa House provides sheltering or rehoming to animals in need of immediate relocation because of domestic violence or other safety issues. While based in Atlanta, they can work with people in need to provide referrals to other sheltering options. Call 404.452.6248.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

This national hotline provides counseling services, referrals, and support. If you need a connection to regional resources, the staff can help you. Call 800.799.7233, TYY 800.787.3224.


For regional referrals to domestic violence resources.


National Call Center for Homeless Veterans

Veteran? Need help? This service provides 24/7 counseling for vets in crisis and those seeking resources. Call 877.4AID.VET


Gay Friendly Therapists

A therapy referral service for those seeking gay-friendly psychotherapy professionals.


The LGBQT Psycholotherapy Association provides referrals to members and recommendations for accessing services.

Transgender Friendly Homeless Shelters

Pink Essence maintains a list of shelters known to be trans-friendly: I can’t vouch for how recent this is.

Transgender Housing Network

If you need housing services, the THN provides referrals to resources that are trans-friendly and provides a networking service to help people find housing.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project provides counseling and crisis intervention services for queer teens. Call 866.488.7386.

Reproductive Health Services:

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood offers screening and treatment for STIs, as well as pregnancy screening, counseling, prenatal care, and abortion services, if needed. Call 800.230.PLAN.

Sexual Assault:


RAINN provides counseling services for victims/survivors of sexual assault, including incest. Call 800.656.HOPE, or take advantage of their online hotline.


Cheryl Rainfield

Cheryl (author of Scars) has a rich listing of links on a variety of subjects, including incest, ritual abuse, eating disorders, and more.


Scarleteen’s resource locator has a wealth of resources for teens with concerns about sexual health, domestic violence, homelessness, and other issues. In addition, the site has an advice board for teens with questions.



This worldwide network connects people in need with peer mentors for email, phone, and face-to-face counseling.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

If you’re experiencing suicidal ideation or need someone to talk to, call 800.273.TALK. If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis, call 911.