Good Slut, Bad Slut

There’s this thing called “sex positive feminism[1. I feel obliged to note that while I am making a generalization about sex positive feminism here, there’s a pretty broad spectrum within this particular branch of feminism, and therefore the generalization does not apply to everyone who identifies with this label. So if you aren’t the kind […]

Yes, Actually, I Can Make An Informed Choice

There’s an interesting trend I’ve been noticing more of late at feminist websites. It’s hardly a new trend at all, I think I am just somewhat more attentive to it, for various reasons. And it’s a trend which bears some exploration, because I think that it says a lot about feminism and the issues within […]

What’s So Funny About Abstinence and Virginity?

As I’ve been watching Glee and devouring Greek for reasons which still remain obscure to me, I’ve been struck by the characterization in both shows of people who choose abstinence and belong to organizations which promote abstinence. I can’t help but note that, in the world of television, being abstinent is viewed as laughable and […]