We’re surprised by nudes in photo books?

(Note: The links in this piece lead to art photography sites/art criticism, many of which contain nude images.) Earlier this year, I backed two projects by photographer Michael Stokes — Always Loyal and Exhibition. Both works are photobooks, one collecting images of injured veterans while the other focuses on erotic male photography. While the works are very much tied in […]

In the garden: Fall

Fall is upon us, bringing me one step closer to my favourite season! Though we’ve had thrillingly dire predictions of rain, rain, rain this winter, we’re in that tiny window of bizarrely summery weather, blood moon and all, that strikes every autumn. It’s as though the weather didn’t bother to check the calendar or consult with […]

In the garden: Humid

Here’s the thing. California is in XTREME TINDER BOX mode, difficulty level HARD, and yet somehow, August managed to be humid. Like, hella humid. So humid that being indoors or outdoors was an exercise in suffering, everything I wore was drenched in sweat the minute I put it on, and showering was basically pointless — […]

In the garden: Hot stuff

Last month in the garden: Hot. The last week in particular has been nearly unbearable for humans accustomed to temperate climes, cats who would prefer much cooler weather, and plants. We’re all in agreement that the heat should be over now, please and thank you, and an unwise human decided to can (more about that […]

In the garden: Too hot, too dry

Oh June. Let’s talk about June. Here are some things that characterised the month of June: 1) Hot. The last few days have been well-nigh unbearable, at least by coastal Northern California standards. There’s no way these temperatures are acceptable under any circumstances unless one is lounging on the bank of a river eating cherries […]

In the garden: Last gasps

As at least some of you may have noticed, I’ve been traveling a great deal this year. On its surface, this is a great thing: I really really love traveling, and I’m excited about all the adventures I’ve been able to have. On the flip side, though, it’s really disruptive and tiring, and I don’t […]