On rereading and perspective

I vividly remember my first reading of The Scarlet Letter, for high school English—it’s a not uncommon text to inflict upon high school students across the US, sometimes introduced with ‘Young Goodman Brown’ in the hopes of luring students into the fold. It didn’t work. I absolutely hated the book, and vented my vitriol widely and loudly, including in my […]

Are we finally ready to put trans actresses in trans roles?

In a perhaps confusing incidence of synchronicity, two comedies featuring trans characters hit the media world this year — Boy Meets Boy in the United States is a romantic comedy that went on limited release earlier in the year and started streaming in April. In the UK, the television programme of the same name started filming in late […]

Kids These Days!

With every generation, it seems, must come a new parade of ‘kids these days!’ editorials and commentaries about the failings of the current generation and the dangerously slippery slope it’s on. It’s not just an assessment coming from people with years of experience that have informed the way they view the world, but a very […]