D for Deathly Hallows, rather than victory in Europe. I’m afraid my news roundup isn’t terribly interesting today because I have instituted a personal media blackout to avoid spoilers, which seem to be abounding left and right. Instead I’m posting an assortment of spoiler free links. (Dear readers who cannot abide another word about Harry […]


So, what about Harry Potter so captivates readers that they are worked into a frenzy over the release of a book or film? The fever pitch of excitement around the world is almost overwhelming, as Harry pops up in more and more media every day. I half expect to see a front page, above the […]

Almost There

With only one week to go, today’s news roundup is, of course, dedicated solely to Harry Potter news. As was the case with Half Blood Prince, Bloomsbury is doing a live webcast of Rowling reading from the book at the launch party. Given that it’s on the Bloomsbury site, I think it’s safe to assume […]