Your Extra-Moldy Foreclosure Special, Courtesy the Marijuana Industry

The successive waves of foreclosures rippling through the economy are more acute in some markets than others, and some markets have some extra special problems that come along with their foreclosures. Banks are not just taking possession of homes in these regions, they are taking possession of environmental disasters that need to be cleaned up. […]

Environmental Issues: We’re In the Shit Now, Folks

One of the books I read during the Book Project that left an unexpected legacy was Bottlemania, by Elizabeth Royte. Although the book was primarily about the rise of the bottled water industry, one of the things it touched upon was the fact that water processing facilities for municipal water are growing increasingly outdated and […]

The False Promise of Tourism

I’ve been following NPR’s coverage of the proposals to increase broadband penetration in the United States because it’s a topic of interest to me, and recently they did a feature which dovetailed nicely with another interest of mine: The damage that tourism does to communities. An NPR reporter traveled to Trinity County to talk with […]

Destruction in the Name of Tourism

For many years, the residents of Fort Bragg, like those of many coastal communities, tossed their trash over the headlands. There was a designated and accepted dumping spot, and the garbage just sort of accumulated there. Eventually, someone decided that this wasn’t a terribly bright idea, and a more sustainable method of waste disposal was […]