Living above the train tracks as I do, much of my time during the tourist season is marked by the sound of the train going back and forth from town. I know the heavy sound of the diesel engine rumbling along the tracks and the sound of the steam train, whistling mournfully, bell clanging as […]

This Too Too Twee Pastiche

I’ve been watching Fort Bragg’s downtown sinker deeper and deeper into decline over recent years, something that is in part, obviously, the fault of the economy. And also of changing habits and patterns in the way we live. And also, in part, because of the way the City handles planning and related decisions, because downtown […]


The rain started early this year. It was a Sunday night, I remember, because I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of rain clattering softly on the roof, and thought about how nice it would be to get to work in the morning with the rain pouring down outside. I […]

Your Extra-Moldy Foreclosure Special, Courtesy the Marijuana Industry

The successive waves of foreclosures rippling through the economy are more acute in some markets than others, and some markets have some extra special problems that come along with their foreclosures. Banks are not just taking possession of homes in these regions, they are taking possession of environmental disasters that need to be cleaned up. […]

Annals of Bad City Planning

If you hunt extremely vigorously through the City of Fort Bragg’s website, you will find the proposed citywide design guidelines that got unveiled at City Council last week, because someone kindly scanned, or possibly photographed, them and converted the resulting mess into a .pdf document. Should you peruse this meticulously laid-out hodge podge of bad […]