On “Family Values”

“Family values” is a big buzzword in American politics. (Right up there with “San Francisco values” for conservatives.) I note that “family values” is generally identified as a prizing of the nuclear family and a rejection of other types of families. The term generally conjures up an image of a mommy, a daddy, some children, […]

Good Slut, Bad Slut

There’s this thing called “sex positive feminism[1. I feel obliged to note that while I am making a generalization about sex positive feminism here, there’s a pretty broad spectrum within this particular branch of feminism, and therefore the generalization does not apply to everyone who identifies with this label. So if you aren’t the kind […]

Yes, Actually, I Can Make An Informed Choice

There’s an interesting trend I’ve been noticing more of late at feminist websites. It’s hardly a new trend at all, I think I am just somewhat more attentive to it, for various reasons. And it’s a trend which bears some exploration, because I think that it says a lot about feminism and the issues within […]