Vandalising National Parks Ruins Heritage for Generations

The first National Park was, perhaps appropriately, Yosemite, created in 1872. The National Parks Service — established in 1916 — oversees 408 areas within the United States. This vast swath of territory includes some 84 million acres of land across the country (along with Alaska and Hawaii), including treasures of ecological, cultural, and social history. In […]

The Gold King Mine spill and environmental responsibility

It is a truth generally accepted that rivers should not be mustard yellow, with the exception of some very limited circumstances, such as creative children’s artwork and the occasional hallucinogenic episode. Yet, this August, rivers across Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah turned an eerie yellow as a result of an environmental spill — one caused, […]

California as dust bowl

The news that California was ‘running out of water’ and would be out of water in a year sparked considerable discussion this year—unfortunately, the representation wasn’t quite accurate. The state is facing a major drought, it does need to institute conservation measures, and it is facing a dwindling supply of readily available sources of water, but it’s […]