A tale of lead, oppression, and the failings of the charity model

Two years ago—on 24 April, 2014—the city of Flint, Michigan, made a calculated decision, switching from nearby Detroit’s water system to the Flint River as the primary water source for its residents. The choice was motivated purely by cost. Almost immediately, residents began complaining that the water was discoloured, malodorous, and unpleasant to drink. Flint’s […]

Vandalising National Parks Ruins Heritage for Generations

The first National Park was, perhaps appropriately, Yosemite, created in 1872. The National Parks Service — established in 1916 — oversees 408 areas within the United States. This vast swath of territory includes some 84 million acres of land across the country (along with Alaska and Hawaii), including treasures of ecological, cultural, and social history. In […]